The National Shooting Sports Foundation revealed that the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed 687,788 background checks during the week leading up to and including Black Friday. FBI’s NICS recorded 187,585 on Black Friday alone, ranking it among the Top 10 Highest Days for NICS checks and a .50 percent increase from Black Friday 2020 (186,645).
The Indiana Audubon is offering tips this holiday season for those seeking to see an Indiana snowy owl. Snowy owls rank as one of the most charismatic wildlife species in the world, and the heaviest of North American owls.
Greet the morning with bald eagles at Mississinewa Lake’s annual Sunrise Eagle Watch on Jan. 18.
Patoka Lake is hosting several programs during its 34th annual Eagle Watch Event, Jan. 8 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Patoka Lake Nature Center.
Cultivate your child’s love for the outdoors with Salamonie Preschool’s “We Love Nature!” program Feb. 13.

Come see Indiana's Ouabache State Park like never before during its Wonderland of Lights, which starts Friday and runs nightly through Dec. 31.
Nebraska state parks will be offering a variety of events throughout the month of December. Find an event near you to celebrate the festive season.
Beginning at 6:00 PM Eastern on Friday, December 3, a 24-hour marathon is being held on YouTube to support Knife Rights.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District is hosting a regional Industry Days forum Dec. 7-8 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Little Rock, Arkansas.

- GEAR -
One of the best ways to improve long-range shots, be it for waterfowl or upland game, is to have a quality choke tube, such as those from Trulock Choke Tubes.
1791 Gunleather is now offering a Kydex IWB holster designed to fit GLOCK’s 43X MOS pistol.
The FLETCH holster from Galco is a belt holster with a retention strap. It has a reinforced thumb break for security, firing grip accessibility for speed, it has double-stitched seams for durability, and it covers the trigger for safety.
Vermont's archery deer hunting continues November 29 through December 15, and muzzleloader deer hunting will occur December 4 to 12.

For a second consecutive year, RISE Armament has received the Gold Medallion Award from the HIRE Vets Medallion Program. The program recognizes employers for their efforts to recruit, employ and retain our nation’s veterans.
Primary Arms has announced a new partnership with renowned professional shooter Gabby Franco as part of the new Primary Arms Pro Ambassador Program.
Big Daddy Unlimited announced a partnership with BioXcellerator, a leader in regenerative medicine, to offer a sweepstakes that will provide one stem cell treatment to a deserving veteran.
Christensen Arms announces the launch of the Christensen Arms University Elite Dealer training and product review program.

- JOBS -
STUBZmedia LLC, a full-service marketing agency for some of the top brands in the outdoor industry has an immediate opening for Sales Representative.
David Merrill owner of Bow Spider, the quickest and easiest bow retrieval system on the market, is pleased to announce that his first film, “A Day in the Brooks” has made it into Western Hunter Magazine’s film festival finals.
The Elite Crotch Pocket Holster can carry deep and below the belt, allowing you to sit down frequently without your firearm causing discomfort as sometimes experienced with IWB carry.
For extreme FOC and kinetic energy to take down the toughest game, VAP hunting arrows can’t be beat.

Daiwa offers a single solution to get the drinks onboard and dinner back to the bank. Say hello to Daiwa’s premium Soft-Sided Coolers, further improved for 2021-22.
HeadHunters NW, an executive recruiting firm focused on talent acquisition for the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry, was a recent guest on the GUNS Magazine Podcast episode #106, Getting Hired in the Gun Industry.
Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) is proud to announce its quarterly publication, Hunter’s HornTM, was named a Gold Winner in the 2021 MarCom Awards in the nonprofit print magazine category.
U.S. LawShield, America's largest provider of Legal Defense for Self Defense coverage, presents an informational video describing five reasons for people to get their license to carry in Texas.

Dirtdadmoto, an apparel company and social media channel, was created by Sean Jolley, an OHV enthusiast who wants to support public lands and OHV trail access. They have become the newest Tread Lightly! Official partner.
Sootch00’s Holiday Gift Guides feature his top picks across multiple categories and include reviews of each product.
Gun Talk Media is pleased to announce the details of their High-Cap Christmas Giveaway, offering entrants fourteen days of different prizes, ranging from ammo to handguns to rifles to optics, and everything in between.
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is seeking public input on its updated Berggren pheasant management plan draft, named after the late Lynn Berggren, who served as a Commissioner from 2007-2016.

Wildlife agencies throughout the southeast have been working together to develop a strategy for educating the public on best practices to coexist with black bears. In 2018, the 15 member states of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies launched BearWise®.
In northwest Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is formally accepting the Cypress Dunes community in Santa Rosa Beach and U.S. Air Force Hurlburt Field in Okaloosa County into the BearWise Community Recognition Program.
In central Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is formally accepting the Wingfield North and Wingfield Reserve communities in Longwood into the BearWise Community Recognition Program.

Editor’s Note: Today’s feature first appeared in yesterday’s edition of our companion service, The Shooting Wire.

As we approach the end of our year of publishing, it’s time to take a look at something that’s been around for a little time – but we were slow to get – as well as something just being announced today.

The first is 22 LR ammo that’s ostensibly designed for the self-defense/personal protection market. Before looking at the ammo, let’s get the question of power out of the way: I make a deal with everyone who wants to discuss combat handguns and their loads. I don’t tell you what to carry and you don’t preach “stopping power,” caliber-commando and “which load is best” stuff to me.

The fact that someone thinks that 22 LR is okay for personal defense – for reasons of infirmity, age, timidity or “just because” – is okay by me.

I didn’t test this ammo, which has been out for a while, for velocity or in “Jello.” Nor did I shoot it through wet telephone directories (are those even a thing anymore?), ½” pine planks nor the nearest groundhog. I did shoot it through a gun that someone might carry for personal defense: a Smith & Wesson Model 43C. This is an eight-shot, 1 7/8” snub with a white “ball” for a front sight. The gun weighs in at 11.5 ounces. It’s some trick to hold it steady against its smooth and long ca. 9-pound trigger “roll.”

My objective is to see where the rounds hit relative to my point of aim. I selected ten yards as my distance as that pretty much covers the long end of the “most likely” distance the ammo would be used from such a gun.

The first load, shipped by the manufacturer to me, was Punch 22 LR from Federal Premium. Featuring a 29-grain nickel-plated lead-core flat-point bullet in a nickel-plated brass case, the factory advertises a velocity of 1,070 FPS from a two-inch barrel.

The other load, purchased through retail channels, was the Winchester Silvertip Rimfire, W22LRST. This load has a 37 grain “segmenting” hollow-point bullet. Like the Federal offering, the Silvertip Rimfire is “optimized for short barrels” and has a plated bullet. The claim is that the slug will separate into four pieces on impact with the intact base of the bullet continuing on for deeper penetration.

With both loads, I fired five-shot groups. With each, I experienced a single low flyer. The Federal group, fired first, was more a vertical string while the Winchester load showed a more rounded four-shot group. I expect the single flyer phenomenon was shooter-induced and that the vertical string in the first Federal group was a matter of the shooter’s grip – not the load.

Still, I held the same place on each Birchwood Casey “Shoot-N-C” target. I held the XS Sights “ball” about ½ way out of the notch and perched the red dot at the center of the bullseye atop the front sight. The Federal Punch light-bullet load centered about 1 ¼” high and the Winchester Silvertip hit 2” high.

I measured the best four of the Federal group at 1 ¼”; the Winchester “best four” was a 1 ½” group – not enough difference to be relevant. The rounds “felt” distinctly different when fired, but had I pattern-loaded the revolver with alternating loads and engaged in a fight, I doubt I’d be able to tell the difference.


While I was about it, I had a box of the Winchester “Super-X” ammo in the Power Point 22 LR format. The ammo was in a 300-pack “limited edition” box commemorating 100 years of the Super-X brand. As it was available at a local retailer, I bought it.

Firing it out of a Ruger 10/22 Takedown “Backpacker” model, I shot it at fifty yards and at fifteen yards. The load hit the center on an NRA B-8 at both distances.

A few weeks ago, a package arrived from the Springfield Mo. area. Inside was a black cloth bag containing a holster that was completely uncharacteristic for CrossBreed Holsters: the Rogue.

Announced in today’s wire, the Rogue system consists of a two-piece Kydex shell, precision-molded, with a smooth side to go against the body. The rig can be configured for carry up front, at the side or cross-draw.

It’s called a system because it ships with a Kydex mag pouch attached to the holster via a flexible plastic band. The rig was shipped with the clips from the firm’s Reckoning holster, but it can accept Ulticlip, Monobloc, IWB snap loops – or OWB loops.

Now the mag pouch can be separated and worn elsewhere and two plastic attachments are included to allow the user to choose between vertical and forward cant options for the spare magazine.

The holster that was shipped is configured for the GLOCK 19. I put my Gen5 in it, along with a spare magazine and put the holster up front. While I’d likely have to change the orientation of the mag pouch, it was nearly perfect for me as shipped. The attached CB Concealment Claw, also from the Reckoning holster, helped the rig disappear under my tee-shirt.

That bodes well. This has the potential to be a superb holster system with enough flexibility to work across a range of body styles.

Development continues.

-- Rich Grassi

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