MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2022

The dynamic duo of Casey Kaufhold and Brady Ellison have won the mixed team gold at the third and largest stage of the 2022 World Cup season in Paris. The USA men’s recurve team also podiumed in second place on the final day of competition.
The Industry Choice Awards recently conducted their annual assessment of the firearms industry’s best new products of the year.  The winner of best handgun of the year was the Canik SFx Rival. 
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is lifting the small craft advisory for the Arkansas River.
Gold Tip is celebrating strong finishes by multiple team archers during the months of May and June, including top podium finishes during the first two legs of the IBO Triple Crown. In addition, team members also topped the podium in three divisions during the TRU Ball/Black Eagle Pro/Am held in London, Kentucky.
Team Remington’s Zach Nannini landed multiple podium finishes at the ATA’s 2022 US Open. In addition to his perfect 200/200 performance in the Open’s Singles Championship, Nannini notched multiple wins including perfect 100/100 victories in the Trap and Field Singles Championship and NRA Singles Class AAA Championship.

Viridian Weapon Technologies will debut its FACT Duty+ Gun Camera, the newest version of the product. Viridian will attend the 2022 National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri June 27-30, 2022, and can be found in booth #820.
The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) reminds hunters who applied for 2022 fall hunt permit-tags that 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) today (Monday, June 27), is the deadline to update credit card or debit card account information in advance of the upcoming draw.
Hunter Outdoor Communications (HOC), a Texas-based public relations agency, is pleased to announce that Nicholas Martino has joined its team as an intern. Nicholas will assist the company in its social media efforts, primarily on Instagram. He will also assist with in-the-field photography of client products and trade shows. He will report directly to Karen Lutto, owner/CEO.
Luth-AR announced availability of the new MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis through RSR Group, Inc. The Modular Chassis Assembly for 22 Rimfire was designed and developed by Roth Performance in conjunction with Luth-AR.

Silencer Central announced the grand opening of its new facilities on June 28, 2022. Throughout the event, invited guests will be able to tour the new space, and celebrate the growth of Silencer Central and the business it brings to South Dakota and across the nation.
Primary Arms has announced the hiring of Osvaldo “Ozzie” Cortes to the position of Senior Director of Human Resources. With over 20 years of experience in strategic human resources leadership, Ozzie Cortes is an accomplished talent management professional with extensive expertise from both domestic and international operations.
UrgeMedia announces that Veil Camo has renewed their partnership for a second year.
UrgeMedia is pleased to announce renewal of long-standing account Bully Dog.

3Rivers Archery has renewed their longstanding UrgeMedia partnership.
Automotive performance parts maker K&N Filters has signed a deal with UrgeMedia.
The Firearms Policy Coalition responded to passage of S.2938 (“Bipartisan Safer Communities Act”) by stating “If the government uses this legislation to unconstitutionally infringe upon the rights of peaceable people, FPC and FPC Law will aggressively respond as necessary to protect the rights of the People and seek every available remedy.”
Microtech Knives introduced Microtech Coffee, their new collaborative venture with OneNation Coffee.

Fishing for everything from walleye to monster bass is on the streaming menu this week on Outdoor Action TV.

MidwayUSA Foundation has provided cash grants for the second year in a row to help ranges across the country improve and allow for more youth shooting sports activities.   This year, 47 grant recipients received $750,000, cumulatively. 

The Mule Deer Foundation announces Marshall Johnson as the organization’s Director of Field Operations. Marshall will serve as the leader of a team of state and regional staff that are responsible for MDF’s local fundraising and volunteer opportunities. 
Whitetails Unlimited President Jeff Schinkten announces Mammoth Coolers’ renewal as a WTU national sponsor. 

Wildlife Forever  announces Sara Wilder, a K-8 visual arts teacher from Elsinore, Missouri, as the winner of the 2022 Richard M Hart Educator of the Year Award. 
Go walleye fishing with Rich Harrod, host of The Northwestern Outdoorsman and find out more about the TV episodes he’ll be airing this fall, preview  the Rogue River Salmon Derby and more, all on this week’s episode of Northwestern Outdoors Radio.
Recreational boaters, paddlers and fishermen will have better access to the Mulberry and Sipsey Forks of the Black Warrior River, thanks to three enhancement projects in Walker and Cullman counties announced Saturday. The three projects are funded from the settlement with Tyson Farms as part of a state lawsuit against the company in the wake of an illegal wastewater discharge at the company’s facility in Hanceville in 2019. The spill killed an estimated 175,000 fish and damaged the river’s ecosystem.
As part of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks’ (KDWP) all-new licensing purchase system – Go Outdoors KS – outdoor recreationalists will not need a separate login to “check in” and out of KDWP-managed properties, as the Go Outdoors KS licensing system and mobile app is fully integrated.
Edward Trout, 29, of Cedar Springs, confessed to Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officers that he illegally shot and abandoned multiple deer in Northeast Kent County.
Trying to figure out Vermont fishing regulations? Wondering what kinds of fish are in a lake?  Looking for new fishing tips?  The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is offering “Fish with a Warden” sessions to help with questions like these.
Three juvenile male black bears were released back into the wild June 13 by Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) biologists after months of rehabilitation at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale.
The Tyler Vanderheiden Memorial Run, an annual race aimed at raising awareness and understanding of mental health, raised more than $8,000 for Nebraska Game and Parks state park trails. The donation also triggers access to up to $32,000 in matching federal Recreation Trails Program funds.
Patoka Lake is hosting a kayak tour on Saturday, July 16 at 9 a.m. leaving from the Wall’s Lake boat ramp and traveling along remnants of Wall’s Lake dame to the “lake within a lake".
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, in consultation with Stillwater County and Beartooth Electric Cooperative, has closed a section of the Yellowstone River near Columbus to all watercraft/boating and floating due to overhanging powerlines that were damaged by recent flooding and continued bank erosion.
Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network bring real-life outdoor adventure experiences to personal screens with a best-in-class Q3 programming lineup debuting on Monday, June 27. 
This week, MOJO Outdoors announces their third quarter premiere and the beginning of a seventeenth consecutive season of MOJO TV on Sportsman Channel and Sportsman Channel Canada.
MOJO® Outdoors returns to Pursuit Channel with a brand new show, MOJO® Untamed. MOJO is also the new sponsor of the Wild Adventure Wednesday block.

Normally most RVs have come out of winter storage and hit the road by now. But this year’s sky-high fuel prices may be discouraging many RV owners more than COVID-19 lockdowns. OWDN photo

Fuel prices took a bit of a dip toward the end of the week here in Tennessee, if you call dropping from over $5/gallon for regular grade gasoline to just under $4.50/gallon a “dip”.

Diesel prices, however, are still well over the $5/gallon mark.

Consequently, the diesel-powered RV is sitting in storage instead of racking up highway miles.

It may be a business vehicle, but no business is immune to record high fuel prices. There’s simply no reason to drive it unnecessarily. I’m running short errands on the motorcycle rather than in the car - despite our record-setting high temperatures.

One hundred degrees on a motorcycle wearing a protective helmet, jacket and gloves is much more bearable when you realize you’re sweating, but getting 50+ MPG, not 24.3. Topping off a fuel tank for less than $15 is comforting even if it’s not always comfortable.

While there are still plenty of RVs on southern roadways, there don’t seem to be nearly as many with more distant origination license plates.

A pair recent surveys from TraderInteractive ('s online blog) finds many longer-distance road warriors have, indeed, modified summer travel plans.

In March, RVTrader surveyed more than 1,800 shoppers considering an RV trip within the next three months. In March, just over half (51%) surveyed told surveyors they’ve adjusted their trip plans.

Their newest survey shows that rising costs -across the board- have caused further adjustments.

Today, fifty seven percent say they’ve adjusted their plans.

Adjustments? They include traveling fewer miles, adjusting lengths of stays (fewer destinations/longer duration visits), and shortening the overall length of their trips.

Another twenty-one percent say rising costs caused the tough decision to cancel their RV travel plans entirely.

The latest survey also helps determine just how much is “too much” when it comes to fuel costs.

Like disparities in compensation, different parts of the country have very different pain thresholds.

But a whopping fifty percent of those 1,800 RVers surveyed said $5.00/gallon was their max.

Another twenty percent said the would stretch to $5.50/gallon, but no more.

Only nineteen percent said $6 was tolerable.

Should fuel costs rise to $6.50-$7/gallon only eleven percent said they’d be on the road.

It’s not all gloom-and-doom for dealers, although my decidedly un-scientific surveys of RV lots in my area show more inventory on-hand and discounts being offered -both were unimaginable last summer.

Of the RV owners who said they’re re-thinking their plans, ten percent of them said they were looking at cost savings in a decidedly different way.

They are considering trading their current RV for something more fuel-efficient.

Of course, they’re likely to be looking at reduced demand (and reduced trade-in values) for their less-efficient units.

Fuel efficiency is, of course, subject to interpretation. When it comes to Class A, B or C RVs, fuel “efficiency” is still considerably less than 20 MPG.

If you’re looking at a Class A, efficiency means between 10-13MPG. With a 100 gallon fuel tank, you’re looking at a 1000-1300 mile range. At $6 gallon, that’s a $600 fill-up. Ouch.

To give that some cost-per-mile relevance, let’s estimate fuel costs based on 12.5 MPG for 1,000 miles. That’s possible in virtually all classes of RVs.

You’ll use 80 gallons of fuel. At $6/gallon (a middle-ground estimate), you’re looking at $480 in fuel costs.

Traveling at a fuel-saving 60MPH (and ignoring all the dirty looks from all the drivers zooming past you on the interstate) you’re spending over $28/hour for fuel.

How much of an increase it that from last year? Significant.

Last summer, I traveled 2,580 miles round trip from my home to Rapid City, South Dakota. The Class C averaged a respectable 14.2/mpg. I used a total of just under 182 gallons of fuel.

The fuel cost? Just over $590 (NOTE: I’m not including the required DEF in the cost, just pumped diesel).

This summer, that same trip based on the same route and amount of fuel (again, not including the DEF costs -it has also gone up significantly) would cost $1,092. A 46% price increase.

And that’s an average cost. If the route has more distance with higher prices (likely), the cost goes even higher.

That’s why I’m not taking major road trips this year. And why many other RV owners have made the decision to adjust accordingly.

In the meantime, insurance, storage and depreciation costs continue. RV’s aren’t cost-free -even if you at stay home. And they still need “exercise” - the various HVAC/Water/Power systems deteriorate if they aren’t used. “Lot rot” isn’t just an expression used by car dealerships.

Finally, a very short note regarding the “gas tax holiday” the administration’s been pushing.

Before you start thinking it’s going to give you some much-needed relief at the pump, be aware that the relief that’s being promised by the administration is counting on state and local governments giving the same fuel tax-free holiday.

Don’t know about you, but I’m unaware of any state or local governments looking to give anything back revenue-wise right now.

They’re seeing from the same rising costs as the rest of us.

Without their participation the federal holiday savings you’re not likely to get enough relief to pay for a (federal) tax-free gallon of gas.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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