Ozcut Broadheads celebrates their second spring season with three broadheads, including their newest addition, the Hurricane.
Team Berger shooters Amanda Elsenboss and Justin Skaret scored a 784-321Xs to secure first place at the Desert Classic Invitational in the Two Day Team Aggregate.
The Midlands Archery Center was the location of the last Scholastic 3-D Archery 2021 Regional competition for South Carolina. This competition saw 81 archers from eleven teams across the state compete for their chance to qualify for the Indoor State Championship.
Gold Tip is celebrating a strong finish at this year’s Sud de France – Nîmes Archery Tournament in Nîmes, France. Leading the competition were Team Gold Tip archers Jean Phillipe Boulch and Adrien Gontier who placed first and second respectively in the Men’s division. In the Women’s division, Lola Grandjean brought home a bronze medal utilizing a Bee Stinger stabilizer.
On Saturday, February 7th, Camp Woodie hosted the 7th annual Pintail Partners hunt at the SCWA Wildlife Education Center. With this year’s Pintail Partners happening in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this hunt was a little different than any other Pintail Partners hunts in years past.

With an increased interest in spring turkey hunting and overall use of electric bikes while hunting – Rambo has been busy planning and preparing for a fun online Turkey Film Festival. Hunters can submit their films beginning April 15 through May 31, 2021.
Fish will be kept out of an irrigation ditch on South Fork Lower Willow Creek (near Lower Willow Creek Reservoir) when an irrigation diversion is upgraded and a fish screen is installed to maintain the water right while keeping fish in the stream.
March in Central Florida typically sees plenty of big bass occupying the shallow spawning zone. But, while this seasonal element will likely play a significant role in the Bassmaster Southern Open on the Harris Chain of Lakes, Keith Carson is betting on the offshore game.
- GEAR -
From low power variable optics (LPVO's) designed for quick and accurate target acquisition, to medium and high powered rifle scopes that include bullet drop and wind hold solutions, the Vudu scope line has it covered.


Primos® Hunting has been awarded two Readers’ Choice 2021 Gold Awards by the readers of Shooting Sports Retailer® and Tactical Retailer® magazines. 
DeSantis Gunhide introduced a pair of holsters made to fit the Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP pistol – with and without the manual safety: the #137 Slim-Tuk and the #019 Mini Scabbard.
Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs Thursday announced 15 Indiana Main Street programs are receiving grants through the Taking Care of Main Street program totaling $205,000.
TETRA Hearing has received the NRA’s 2021 American Hunter Golden Bullseye Award recognizing its pursuit-based program, Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO), for Gear of the Year.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has approved staff recommendations to create new rules to address the importation, breeding and possession of high-risk invasive reptiles. The changes specifically address Burmese pythons, Argentine black and white tegus, green iguanas and thirteen other high-risk nonnative snakes and lizards.
Lipsey's, a nationally renowned firearms distributor, has extended its reach into the digital broadcast space with the launch of the Lipsey's AIM HIGHER Podcast.
The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is launching a multi-network television advertising effort next week to alert the nation’s gun owners about H.R. 127, a gun control measure that takes extremism to a dangerous new level.
The adrenaline flows on MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) as viewers get a front row seat to the heart-pounding action on seven seasons of the Adrenaline series.

On a new episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, take a closer look at how to rig particular baits and exactly how these baits look under water.
EOTECH Vudu riflescopes offer both first-focal-plane and second-focal-plane models for all shooting applications. The body of every Vudu scope is cut from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and has a hard-anodized, durable finish.
The Ruffed Grouse Society & American Woodcock Society are excited to announce a new corporate partnership with Ogden, Utah, based firearms manufacturer Browning.
In late January, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance and the National Shooting Sports Foundation wrapped up their 2020 Mentoring Rewarded campaign upon recruiting union members to mentor 1,000 newcomers in hunting, target shooting, or firearms safety.

MidwayUSA Foundation has received a generous donation from Larry and Brenda Potterfield, owners of MidwayUSA, that will allow operations to continue at their current location, indefinitely. The donation of the Roosevelt Building, located on MidwayUSA’s Columbia, Missouri campus, is the present home of MidwayUSA Foundation.
Scholastic 3-D Archery announced that Kerby Long was appointed as the Kentucky S3DA State Conservation Outreach Coordinator. Kerby will work with Kristi Wilson, KY S3DA State Coordinator, to provide S3DA teams across the state with outdoor-related activities and education that is centered around conservation.
The Boone and Crockett Club has partnered with dozens of iconic brands and generous benefactors to organize its First Annual Conservation Auction. Hosted on, bidding opens March 7 at 7:00 am EST and bids will be accepted until 7:00 pm EDT on March 21 (for firearms) and 7:00 pm EDT on March 28 (for everything else).
Michael H. Mooney, an avid waterfowl hunter and conservation-minded leaded from Chicago, has been appointed as chairman of the board for Delta Waterfowl.

“Leupold is a natural fit for what we do every day at Worldwide Trophy Adventures. Their innovation and comprehensive product offering are viable for nearly every pursuit imaginable," said Mark Peterson.
Krieghoff introduces the Celtic Scroll II engraving for its K-80 and K-20 competition shotgun line. The interlace motif features continuous lines without a beginning or end.
This week, Outdoors Radio features Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin executive director David Clutter, reptile expert Jason Clark, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation executive director George Meyer and Ice Team pro staffer Jim Kusuda.
The winners of the fifth annual Eagle Awards have been announced by the Alabama State Parks Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Guaranteed Rate has expanded its relationship with B.A.S.S. and will serve as the title sponsor for four Bassmaster Elite Series events in 2021.
Blackbird Products Group, LLC, parent company of Mammoth Coolers, is the official sponsor of the second annual Round Rock Classic, a 4 team Division l collegiate baseball tournament held annually at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas.
The restaurants at Abe Martin Lodge, Clifty Inn, Canyon Inn, Potawatomi Inn, Spring Mill Inn and Turkey Run Inn are currently open to dine-in service. Seating capacity is limited, based on county COVID-19 restrictions.
Hunters and members of waterfowl organizations are invited to virtually attend the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Annual Waterfowl Briefing, which will be streamed live via the agency’s Facebook page, on Wednesday, March 10, at 1 p.m. The briefing will be recorded and a link will be available to view online at
Vermont state law requires that ice fishing shanties be removed from the ice before the ice weakens, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.
Beginning March 1, a gate will prevent access to Kingsbury Fish & Wildlife Area (FWA) via E. Hupp Road near the FWA in LaPorte County. The gate will limit traffic going through the FWA to the nearby industrial park.
With COVID-19 public health and safety in mind, most upcoming meetings have been changed to virtual meetings or conference calls. Frequently check the DNR boards, commissions, committees and councils webpage for updates.
Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks recently approved $73,000 in funding for four projects to improve family, youth and ADA angling near Montana communities.
March 1 is the traditional start of Ohio’s fishing and hunting license year. However, new license options give those who enjoy the outdoors more choices than ever before. If your hunting or fishing license has expired, you can purchase a new one online at, at hundreds of participating agents throughout the state, and through the new HuntFish OH app.
The winners of the fifth annual Eagle Awards have been announced by the Alabama State Parks Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
There’s rarely a dull moment on the television series Wardens – especially when the job calls for protecting our nation’s most precious natural resources in remote areas.
Wild swans are currently winging their way through Utah, making March one of the best times of the year to see them.

Editor’s Note: This piece was submitted to the Outdoor Wire by the American Bird Conservancy.

A black-browed babbler accidentally caught in Kalimantan, Borneo. It was the first confirmed sighting of the species in more than 170 years. The bird was released unharmed back to the forest after the photo was taken. Photo courtesy of Birdpacker

Washington -- After more than 170 years, locals in Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia, have helped rediscover the lost Black-browed Babbler. The bird has been missing since it was first described and collected by scientists around 1848. Since then, the trail to find the Black-browed Babbler has gone cold, despite several attempts to find it, leaving scientists in the dark about its ecology, population, and behavior. Many feared the species might have been extinct. The rediscovery was published in Oriental Bird Club’s journal BirdingASIA yesterday (February 25). 

“Globally, there are more than 150 bird species that are currently ‘lost,’ with no confirmed observations in the past 10 years,” said John C. Mittermeier, Director of Threatened Species Outreach at American Bird Conservancy (ABC). “ABC, Global Wildlife Conservation, BirdLife International, and eBird are working together to help find these species. Hopefully, the rediscovery of the Black-browed Babbler will spark interest in finding other lost bird species in Asia and around the world.” 

Muhammad Suranto and Muhammad Rizky Fauzan rediscovered the elusive Black-browed Babbler in October 2020 during a weekly trip to gather forest products in Southern Kalimantan Province, Borneo. After accidentally capturing a bird, which neither recognized, they took some photos and then released it unharmed back to the forest. They sent the photos to the local birdwatching group BW Galeatus in hopes that they would be able to identify it. 

The group suspected it might be the Black-browed Babbler, and immediately contacted ornithologists Panji Gusti Akbar, Teguh Willy Nugroho, and Ding Li Yong, who compared the photos taken in southern Kalimantan to a current field guide description and photos of the only known specimen of the species, at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands. 

“It was a bit like a ‘Eureka!’ moment,” said Gusti Akbar, of the Indonesian bird conservation group Birdpacker and lead author of the paper. “This bird is often called ‘the biggest enigma in Indonesian ornithology.’ It’s mind-blowing to think that it’s not extinct and it’s still living in these lowland forests, but it’s also a little scary because we don’t know if the birds are safe or how much longer they may survive.” 

The new photos of a live Black-browed Babbler immediately yielded new information about the species. Scientists now have a better understanding of the species’ true coloration. The babbler’s iris, bill, and legs were slightly different colors than that of the original specimen, but the difference was not surprising to scientists, since those areas often lose their tint and are artificially colored during the taxidermy process.  

The rediscovery is helping scientists and conservationists answer questions that have been swirling for more than a century. Scientists had never been sure where the bird lived in the wild. The original and only specimen collected by German geologist and naturalist Carl A.L.M. Schwaner between 1843 and 1848, and described by Charles Lucien Bonaparte in 1850, was initially mislabeled and described as being from Java. In 1895, naturalist Johann Büttikofer found that the specimen could not have been from Java because Schwaner had not collected any birds on the island. After reviewing and scrutinizing records of Schwaner’s travel in Indonesia, scientists speculated that he may have found the bird near the city of Martapura or Banjarmasin in Borneo. 

“I think it is amazing that we managed to document one of the most remarkable zoological discoveries in Indonesia, largely through online communication, in the midst of the pandemic, which has hampered us from visiting the site,” said Teguh Willy Nugroho, who works in Sebangau National Park in Kalimantan and is one of the coauthors on the paper.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, scientists have not been able to travel to the area where the Black-browed Babbler was found, but they are working on a second paper to document its ecology and are hoping to work with local government agencies to plan expeditions later this year. 

“When the species was first discovered, now-extinct birds like the Great Auk and Passenger Pigeon were still alive,” said Yong, a co-author on the paper and a Singapore-based conservationist with BirdLife International. “There is now a critical window of opportunity for conservationists to secure these forests to protect the babbler and other species.” 

Scientists know very little about the Black-browed Babbler, but the Indonesian authors of the paper are hoping to work with local government agencies to quickly change that. They plan to travel to Borneo to identify exactly where the species lives, interview locals, study the babbler’s behavior, and assess the population — information that could be used to recommend a new status on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. The bird is currently listed as Data Deficient and scientists are hoping to determine if and to what extent the species is threatened with extinction. 

“Discoveries like this are incredible and give us so much hope that it’s possible to find other species that have been lost to science for decades or longer,” said Barney Long, Global Wildlife Conservation’s (GWC’s) Senior Director of Species Conservation and a lead on GWC’s Search for Lost Species program. “Collaborations between conservationists, local communities, and Indigenous peoples are crucial to learning about and saving these elusive species.”

There are more than 1,600 species of birds that live across the Indonesian archipelago. Scientists are hoping that the discovery may rekindle interest in surveying birds in under-researched areas. GWC and ABC, BirdLife International, and eBird are working to mount searches for lost birds around the world.

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